University of Toledo National Panhellenic Conference 

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Phi Sigma Rho 

Phi Sigma Rho is a Panhellenic Associate Sorority, meaning they participate in the same events as all other Panhellenic Chapters that you will meet during recruitment but they have limitations on what majors they can accept, while other Panhellenic Chapters do not.

Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority that provides an outlet for technical women who want the benefits of a traditional social sorority, but do not want as large of a time commitment. This chapter strives for academic excellence while still placing an emphasis on the need to have fun. Sisters encourage other sisters to grow academically as well as socially during their college years.

PHI RHO RECRUITMENT WEEK: September 10-16th, 2018

Accepted Majors: Engineering,Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics

Philanthropy: Girl Scouts of America, American Cancer Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Annual Events: Mr. Engineering and a philanthropy dinner where proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society 

New member program: 8-10 weeks in duration 

Community Service: 7 hours of community service a semester

Study Hall Hours: 6 hours weekly: 4 with active sisters and 2 with pearl sisters 

New member and active member dues: $250 per semester 

President: Keri Eickholt

                                                                                           Fun Facts:

                                                                                           Colors: Wine Red and Silver 

                                                                                           Flower: Orchid 

                                                                                           Symbol: Penguin 

                                                                                           Jewel: Pearl