University of Toledo Panhellenic Council

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A sorority member’s first priority is her grades.  The chapter’s first priority is for all members to be academically successful.  From the time a woman joins, she receives close support for all of her classes.  If she struggles, each Panhellenic sorority has mentor programs, study groups, study hours, sessions on study skills, and other tools to help her succeed.  The Greek Village even has a small computer lab members can use to do research or write papers! 


As a result of their commitment to academic excellence, sorority members consistently receive better grades than women who are not in sororities.  Sorority women also tend to enjoy college more, to be more likely to graduate, and to stay involved with their alma mater as alumnae. 


This may explain why so many different types of students are involved in Panhellenic sororities.  At UT, students in the schools of nursing,  pharmacy, engineering, business, law, arts, and health and human services.  No matter how busy these students are with academics, sororities make it easier to succeed by providing close support from older students, tools to study effectively, and a motivated study environment. 

Panhel also gives out two scholarships each year; one to a new member and one for an existing member.